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The revolution has begun

"When I got back to school from learning how to braid hair in Kenya, I also decided it was going to be my side hustle. I was going to make some money braiding people’s hair. So I went through the great trouble of creating a poster but I just didn’t have the heart to charge anyone so my friends would make appointments with me and I would spend the weekend braiding their hair, and I just couldn’t charge them so I never made any money from it."Lupita Nyong’o for Vogue [x].

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Leslie Knope got her dream job, had kids, and is basically running the world on JJ’s waffles and friendship. What more do you want, Academy? I suppose if Pawnee had an emotionally unavailable nerd in a Flash t-shirt, it could finally get the respect it deserves.

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Just how smart are you?

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What’s interesting about the wizarding world is when you take physical strength out of the equation a woman can fight just the same as a man can fight, a woman can do magic just as well as a man can do magic. -J.K. Rowling

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Beating the heat with a wander around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. #thelydialife


Meet Tavi Gevinson. READ.

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